Exetail Capital Partners | Blow LTD
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Blow LTD

About This Project

Blow Ltd are the hottest new thing in Beauty – 30 minute blow dry and makeovers, and the finest beauty goods available to purchase. Blow began with a location in Covent Garden and are opening additional stores at Regent Street and Shoreditch.



Blow required a full infrastructure to manage

  • Appointment booking and staff rostering
  • Store Point of Sale, including Credit card PDQ devices and barcode scanners
  • Full service eCommerce
  • Inventory and orders
  • Integration to accounting (Xero)


Flint Technology delivered a hybrid infrastructure consisting of Magento Enterprise eCommerce, Vend point of sale, Timely booking, WordPress CMS and Xero accounting. Flint installed all elements of Blow’s retail infrastructure and the build included:

  • A custom design for eCommerce and Beauty Bar services elements
  • Integration between Magento and Vend
  • Full Mobile Infrastructure – utilising Flint’s mobile module
  • Multi-select Ajax driven guided navigation
  • Swatches functionality
  • An In-Store customer feedback mechanism
  • A mobile app for booking and purchase


Commercial Strategy, eCommere, Service Design