Exetail Capital Partners | Shires Equestrian
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Shires Equestrian

About This Project

Shires Equestrian sells everything for horse rider and their horse. They own a number of leading equestrian brands such as Blenheim, Hi-Lite, Highlander and Tekna.


Shires Equestrian wanted to refresh and update the look and feel of their site, and gain full control over content and promotions. They also required integration Prima, their order inventory management system. The key Shires Equestrian requirements were:

  • Mobile responsive site implementation
  • Integration with Prima
  • Inventory feed for Google Merchant Centre
  • Data consultancy to ensure that their product data could drive more advanced navigational functionality
  • Multi brand implementation

The site was built on Magento Community Edition, and we built all elements of Shires Equestrian retail infrastructure including:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Multi-select Ajax driven guided navigation
  • Multiple stores for the Shires and Bridleway brands

Shires Equestrian saw traffic levels to the new site increase by over 90% within the first month of launch. We are now looking at improving their international offering to further increase the gains made .

Commercial Strategy, eCommere