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Start-rite Shoes

About This Project

Start-rite Shoes is one of the UK’s most recognised children’s footwear brands. With 220 years of experience and expertise, Start-rite are dedicated to creating quality, durable, stylish and fitted footwear designed for children of all ages and stocked in over 35 countries.


In upgrading their Magento platform they wanted a new site that would:

• Provide an unique environment to help reinforce the brand USP – the importance of fitted shoes – to their customer base
• Improve operational efficiency with seamless connection with Prima, their order management/inventory platform
• Include enhancements such as search engine optimisation and tools for merchandising
• Update Start-rite’s tools for social integration and customer interaction
• Provide an easy-to-use content management and operational information system
• Cater for diverse access devices including mobile
• Provide a platform to support private sales and viral marketing techniques


“The new site is the first step in Start-rite aim of continuously innovating on how children shoes are fitted. You were all great to work with which made my life so much easier”    
Claire Knight, Online Manager, Start-rite Shoes Ltd

Commercial Strategy, eCommere