Total Cost of Ownership Model for Mid Market eCommerce

Winter may be here – but New Year brings New Opportunities! As a slightly late Christmas present, my latest TCO model for mid market ecommerce platforms is complete! Happy to share – click here to access

The model has been radically overhauled, and has had a load of new (and I think sensible) assumptions added. With this you can understand the true cost of running a Shopify Plus, BigCommerceAdobe/Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Shopware stack over 4 years at $1.5m, $5m and $25m turnover. You can adjust growth rates, AOVs, financial discount rates and this has different effects on the different platforms.

Of course this is just my view of the market – happy to get any feedback on where this could be better – (better data, more platforms etc)! I would love to have a discussion on my assumptions – and where they might change in different use cases and scenarios.

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